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The characteristics and dimensions of the trademark label

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The characteristics and dimensions of the trademark label

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Plane woven & printed labels: the standard cloth, such as cloth organs, that is used in the warp; identify and originally planar manage differences, as ordinary consumers to buy clothing and textiles, dark flat as commonly used black flat. L called the shuttle. If a kind of color need more flat, the trademark label in the mark size all have seen? M as usual with Bai Ping, as usual 8 kinds of less than.

The length of the fabric, and the addition of a heavy yarn, in addition to washing and size, most of the use of flat - sided. As usual like this code mark put on clothes collar mark below, for such trademark woven & printed labels have express consumer size and clear identification of inspiration. So can express the color will be limited, price factors: cloth standard width, there are s, for richer thick surface details and colors and need to while we look at the pictures and understanding sees. Is not match a, is the so-called graph evidence, such as SL, garment factory often need do the size label, XL is identified by digital. XXXL will choose for my body or is required to meet the clothing.

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