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All walks of life have emerged from the low carbon label

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All walks of life have emerged from the low carbon label

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What is high carbon what is low carbon for the city, can be measured with the relative concept of standards. Is in the process of creating wealth, how much carbon emissions, which is called GDP of carbon dioxide emissions, can also be used as a measure of value, to see the same creation of a dollar or a yuan worth of GDP, carbon emissions is how much. Another, low carbon concept can be used in a process to show that if Beijing is now 8 tons, continue to develop, if you can reach 6 tons, or reach the world average of 4 tons, we believe that this process is a low carbon process.

And then specifically to the low carbon, ecological, green to describe the city, I personally think that is probably so a few things, the first emphasis on biological diversity, is the world's people, things, species, and so on, we are symbiotic relationship. Second I think the basic principle of biology is to emphasize the law of the development of the cycle, or we call it the chain of development. The development of our industrial revolution is a linear development, the resources become garbage, from the cradle to the grave. The development of circular stressed that all things can be restored to the original state, in this state the garbage and waste. So far, it can be said that no one in the world can really claim that I is the eco city, but in the direction of the eco city in Malmo, Sweden, Freiburg, Germany, the pursuit of eco city, the goal, to do a lot of work.

Phoenix net City: now more than 600 cities in the country, probably nearly 200 cities in the construction of low carbon and ecological city goals, some of the previous has made some real projects, and even put forward some similar to the standard system of things. From what you have seen in front of all these practices, it is generally concerned that the true extent of the low carbon? Not deliberately bogus low carbon, because which relates to a lot of reasons, there may be technical discussion not clear bring misleading, may also be under the background of various spawned out of the project. But generally speaking, the project of the pseudo low carbon in the reality of how much?

Li Xun: I can't say that it's a fake low carbon, but I can say that the idea of a really low carbon ecology can be carried out, probably 1/5. Emissions of pollutants is also the figure, the city of nearly 80%, on the whole. Of greenhouse gas emissions, the city contributed 75%.

Phoenix net City: what is the root cause of so many pseudo low carbon phenomena?

Li Xun: I think it's not clear that this is the thing. The academic community did not make it clear that the people did not understand, we have only a vague concept. Now even the low carbon is not caused by human activities are still in dispute, the problem is not resolved. According to the theory of economics, you don't have to worry, when any of the resources of the brink of depletion, its cost will be high, its price will be high, certainly there is a new alternative. So you don't have to worry about the resources will run out, and the price of oil will not use it.

Shanghai World Expo will be suspected of "pseudo low carbon"?

Phoenix net City: you are looking forward to the point of view, at present everywhere in the discussion of low carbon city, the concept of mixed situation next to the future is a kind of how the evolution of the situation? In the face of such a mess, we can give some kind of sound, do not let people think this is a big fool, anyway, now everyone takes a low carbon ecology, but in fact, behind the various interests.

Li Xun: that's true. What do I believe? Dickens's "Shuangcheng" opening a paragraph of words very interesting, Dickens said that this is a good time, but also the worst of times. We all thought that when we were walking in the direction of heaven, we were walking in the opposite direction. In fact, this sentence is very philosophical, is that we think that the so-called good ecological and low-carbon city, is not a lot in a departure from the concept of low-carbon ecology? Even pseudo pseudo low carbon? Is even the case of anti - low - carbon anti - ecological? Completely.

Phoenix City: there are no specific examples?

Li Xun: for example, the Shanghai World Expo, last year to engage in a set of urban underground pipeline recycling system, it is in the bottom of the Expo Park. This system also made Tianjin eco city, ecological city is also made, Beijing CBD, the new CBD expansion in the. I said this must go to a test, you this system construction cost how much material, how much money, how much material in the amount of carbon, production of raw materials is also to be discharged, and you use this system of energy consumption, and how much carbon dioxide, a calculation. And then with the traditional use of this garbage truck, a comparison, the amount of carbon emissions has increased or decreased.

Phoenix net City: this waste recycling system of the entire energy consumption is one thing, the World Expo itself is a pseudo low carbon project?

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