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Two dimensional bar code for the current application range

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Two dimensional bar code for the current application range

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Two-dimensional bar code has a storage volume, high security, tracking of high, strong anti loss, backup of large, low cost characteristics. These characteristics especially in form, security, tracking, certificates, inventory, data backup and so on.

Form application

Document form, business forms, import and export declarations, manifest data transmission exchange, reduce artificial repeated input form information, to avoid human error, to reduce the cost of human resource

Secure application

The encryption and transmission of confidential information, such as business intelligence, economic intelligence, political intelligence, military intelligence, private information, etc..

Tracking application

Document automatic tracking, production line parts automatic tracking, automatic tracing of customer service, order delivery automatic tracking, maintenance records, automatic tracking, dangerous goods, automatic tracking, logistics automatic tracking, medical examination, automatic tracking, ecological research (animals, birds...) automatic tracking.

License application

Passport, ID, registered card, driver's license, a membership card, ID card, chain stores, membership cards, etc. license registration information and automatic input, play "along with reading", "immediate" information management effect.

Inventory application

Logistics center, storage center, logistics center of goods and fixed assets of automatic checking, play the effect of "immediately inventory, immediate decision.

Backup application

Form file if unwilling or unable to disk, CD-ROM and other electronic media storage backup, using two-dimensional bar code to store the backup, easy to carry, not afraid of folding, can be stored for a long time and photocopying, fax, do more backup.

Network resource download

Can be applied to the online resources to download, such as e-books, games, applications, etc.

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