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Data terminal maintenance

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Data terminal maintenance

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Data terminal is a handheld device which is the bar code scanning device and data terminal integration, with the battery can be off-line operation of the terminal computer equipment. With real-time collection, automatic storage, real-time display, immediate feedback, automatic processing, automatic transmission function. Provide guarantee for the authenticity, validity, real time and availability of field data. Its integration, mobility, small size, light weight, high performance, and suitable for holding and other characteristics. Below to introduce the data collector in daily life how to maintain? Specific considerations are as follows:

(1) pay attention to moisture, moisture, humidity, humidity, humidity, attention to moisture, moisture;

(2) avoid severe falls, extrusion, away from the strong magnetic field;

(3) communication to avoid debris into the;

(4) when the battery power is insufficient, the handset will prompt, should be promptly charged;

(5) when a user program cannot run properly, the system program and application should be re set;

(6) do not disassemble the machine without authorization, if there is a failure to contact the supplier.

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