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Small commodity clothing accessories market volume

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Small commodity clothing accessories market volume

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If the clothing group is composed of three parts, one can not be less, mainly fabric, lining and accessories. In the composition of clothing, the proportion of the cost of the material is very small, is indeed a small commodity. With the improvement of people's consumption level, the demand for clothing is increasingly high, as a small commodity clothing accessories market is also very large.

Garment accessories are just some of the links, buttons, shoulder pads, lining materials, jewelry, and other small objects, the single price, mostly only a few angles, a bit of even a few per cent of money, the most expensive will not exceed a few yuan money. The quality of accessories and use and when or not, directly affects the quality and appearance of the clothing, in nowadays pay attention to fashion taste and fashion of requires not only it's of good quality, but also can and colored clothing matching of the people. Therefore, the market is very rich varieties. Such as lining material on the cloth lining, non-woven lining, West China lining, resin lining, lining, and so on twenty or thirty kinds of.

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