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  • New style real leather/PU

    LHP China developed a series of new technical real leather/PU products.The crafts are high frequency and heat transfer o...
    Release time:2015-10-27   Clicks:87

  • New technique of washable paper

    Recently we researched a series of new style washable papers.They are mostly used as labels for jeans.The debossing craf...
    Release time:2015-10-16   Clicks:67

  • Quick identification of various material buttons

    If you give a push to the color, different styles of buttons, you can quickly determine what they are made of? A lot of ...
    Release time:2015-08-14   Clicks:103

  • The advantages of the clothing label

    The significance of clothing label clothing label is small, but it is a link to their contact consumer fashion.So, if th...
    Release time:2015-08-14   Clicks:53

  • Strengthen the clothing label and puppies for sale development is the ...

    Then draw the nose and eyes the same color figure size and put him into the adjustment as appropriate in the clothing la...
    Release time:2015-08-14   Clicks:128

  • Instructions of leather patch

    Leather patch is a great alternative to the traditional, commonly used woven clothing labels,jeans.They are great for du...
    Release time:2015-08-06   Clicks:387

  • New arrivals of woven label

    Continuous innovation is very important to a company,which is the basic motive of the enterprise to keep on developing....
    Release time:2015-08-05   Clicks:427

  • Big hang tag orders exported to USA

    As a professional printing products and apparel trims supplier,LHP China has won big markets around the world. Advanced...
    Release time:2015-08-05   Clicks:535

  • Advantages of bar code

    Bar code is the most economical and practical automatic identification technology. It has the following advantages1 inpu...
    Release time:2015-08-01   Clicks:183

  • Development history of bar code

    The first product is marked with a bar code Arrow gum. Bar code technology the first produced in the paranoia of the twe...
    Release time:2015-08-01   Clicks:220

  • Data terminal maintenance

    Data terminal is a handheld device which is the bar code scanning device and data terminal integration, with the battery...
    Release time:2015-08-01   Clicks:61

  • Two dimensional bar code for the current application range

    Two-dimensional bar code has a storage volume, high security, tracking of high, strong anti loss, backup of large, low c...
    Release time:2015-05-13   Clicks:85

  • All walks of life have emerged from the low carbon label

    What is high carbon what is low carbon for the city, can be measured with the relative concept of standards. Is in the p...
    Release time:2015-05-13   Clicks:246

  • The characteristics and dimensions of the trademark label

    Plane woven & printed labels: the standard cloth, such as cloth organs, that is used in the warp; identify and o...
    Release time:2015-05-13   Clicks:43

  • Clothing tag hanging tablets are becoming more and more important

    The domestic design of the main design is the reference of Hong Kong and Taiwan design style and elements, and then on t...
    Release time:2015-05-13   Clicks:60

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