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Quick identification of various material buttons

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Quick identification of various material buttons

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If you give a push to the color, different styles of buttons, you can quickly determine what they are made of? A lot of people can't answer that. In fact, to identify different buttons of the material, but also a trace to follow. Any article, when made, will have their own properties, so each button has its own unique characteristics. Below we come together to understand the different material buttons, each have what characteristics.

In our common buttons, can be divided into plastic buttons (plastic, resin), metal buttons, natural buttons, each button in the production process are not the same. Some buttons, although the appearance of the same, in fact, the use of internal material is completely different.

For plastic buttons and resin buttons, plastic buttons are all made of die casting, so there will be a line at the edge of the button, which is called the wire. Some factories may have to remove this line in subsequent processing, the appearance will become close to the resin buttons. However, the same amount of plastic buttons to be lighter than the resin buttons, resin buttons on the surface will be more smooth, but it is easy to scratch and fragmentation. If you put in the water, the resin buttons may also become soft.

In contrast, brass buttons and iron button good distinguish much. It can not only test magnet, also can scrape the surface button in the plating layer with a hard object, layer if brass is copper buttons, if black is iron button. In metal buttons, there are also a type of button called alloy buttons. Because of the die casting, alloy buckle is more important, take up will obviously feel that the interior is solid.

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