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Each enterprise features a clothing label

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Each enterprise features a clothing label

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The design of clothing label, printed are often very fine, and the content is very broad. Tag of each garment enterprises have their own characteristics, some large enterprises will be in the tags printed address, telephone number, zip code, logos, etc., the nature of the part of the enterprise will be printed on the company. And the clothing factory is simply to a small tag, depending on the a microfilm of the "advertising", the supermodel girls dressed in their product photos printed on the above, give people a more intuitive feeling, so that consumers have a more profound impression of their products, played a very good promotion effect.

Some manufacturers, to thank customers purchased their own products, are often also in the tag printed thanks, wish words, give people a warm feeling; some tags, more like a "instructions for use of products, because not only above the printed product is to what fabric, its performance how, or even the garment washing temperature, washing way. What type of cleaning agent and how to maintain to be printed on the label, the visible manufacturer to consumers is very responsible. In addition, with the growing prosperity of the clothing market, competition is bound to become more intense, some brand-name manufacturers, in order to protect their products against fake and shoddy products, do not cherish land use all holographic anti-counterfeiting label and bar code. This not only protect the interests of the enterprise itself, but also safeguard the interests of the vast number of consumers.

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