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Chinas clothing label and PVC waterproof material development trend

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Chinas clothing label and PVC waterproof material development trend

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A schematic diagram of store promotional clothing tag hanging? Store clothing tag positive note back:. To sum up the research on this topic at home and abroad, the paper expounds the following three types:. Attention and caution (use, storage and use of inappropriate,. 46; although the body and the bust suggest,. 5 general scheme of bridge crane design. Such as product size, product grade,. Ingredients of raw materials,. Name of manufacturer,. Label form. The name and address of the manufacturer shall be indicated in the textile and garment manufacturing imports of textiles and clothing by the Chinese marked the product of origin (country or region Chinese marked the product's country of origin (country or region and the agent or. Production date, product required for use,. Clothing sizes in the letter S, m, l, XL, XXL, XXXL or special is some underwear, pajamas, small, medium, large, and annotation, especially some underwear, pajamas, clothing and other.

Textile and clothing products clothing label does not regulate the implied several comprehensive fibre washing composition style of product standard number product quality grade comprehensive such as the use of text, traditional Chinese characters.

Such as product sizes, product grades, the implementation of standard fiber composition, standard, composition fiber, washing style there are differences between the level of error; unified products, such as clothing hangtag, packing bags,.

Such as durable labels is 100% polyester, and clothing tag on a 50 / 50 Hair / di; clothing tag superscript cotton, durability.

- yarn and sewing thread using the reputation of the content can be labeled in the clothing tag or line roll, line ball and harness on the band, or line volume, line ball and harness the hoop with; - socks use reputation in volume can be labeled at the top part of socks on the label; - other textile label can be accommodated can be marked on the top part of socks on the label.

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