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How to distinguish between clothing lining and lining material

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How to distinguish between clothing lining and lining material

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Clothing accessories is an indispensable material for clothing design or production, in our daily life, many places are applied to clothing accessories. Like buttons, zippers, trademarks, ribbon and other, each of these items are very familiar with, but few people understand the these items. In our common garment accessories, generally can several effects: lining, lining material, filler, cushion material, trademarks, belts, sewing thread, fastening materials, packaging materials and so on. In different applications, the role of clothing accessories can also be different. For the clothing accessories which are commonly used in the decoration, we use a lot of or clothing lining material and lining material. So, for these two kinds of different uses of fabric, we should how to distinguish?

Clothing in material: material is used for garment clips in the material, mainly cotton fabric, regenerated fiber fabrics, synthetic fiber fabric, polyester / cotton blended fabric, polyester taffeta, silk fabric and rayon matter. Material test indicators for the shrinkage rate and colour fastness, for cashmere filling materials of apparel products, the material should choose fine or coating material to prevent delinting. At present, large amount of chemical fiber as the main materials of silk. In the selection of the material should be noted that the color of the material should be coordinated with the fabric, in general, the color of the material should not be deep in the fabric. Material quality and should be smooth, durable, anti pilling, and good color fastness.

Two, garment lining lining and lining pad includes: two. Interlining is mainly used for clothing collar, cuffs, pockets, culottes waist, cloak and suit chest parts containing hot melt adhesive coating, commonly known as fusible interlining. According to the different of the bottom cloth, the bonding lining is divided into a spinning lining and a non - woven lining. Woven substrate cloth is woven or knitted cloth, non-woven lining cloth is made by pressing a chemical fiber. The quality of the adhesive is directly related to the quality of the garment. Therefore, the purchase of fusible interlining, not only the appearance of required, must inspect the lining cloth properties whether and clothing quality requirements consistent. Such as lining of the heat shrinkable rate should as far as possible with the fabric heat shrinkable rate consistent; to have good sewing and tailoring; to be in low temperature and fabric strong bond; to avoid high temperature and high pressure hot fabric positive glue permeation; attached to a firm and lasting, anti ageing, and anti washing.

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